Our new SPA Area

it can't get more cozy than this...

our Panorama SPA

literally on the highest niveau

Already in the 80s the Kramerwirt was a pioneer of wellness areas in the valley. Where you would usually find the spa area in the basement, in our house it got built straight under our roof. The advantage: A great view over the mountains of Mayrhofen.

30 years later we still love this idea and decide: we want to completely renovate our SPA, of course again on the top floor!

Who has not visited us since will not believe their eyes. There was so much usable space under our roof, and only now it lived up to its fullest potential!

Construction over the roofs of Mayrhofen

In any case we surealy made the best out of this years weird spring time, and even without guests there was plenty of life in our house.

We want to thank again all the great workers who made this project possible!


The result

We now want to give you a small glimpse in to our new SPA area, we hope you like the result as much as we do!