Recharging the batteries

Time-Out on the mountains

In our rather long winter break ( we are really not used to it) we spent more than just one night on our mountain farm and realised: the worries stay in the valley, the head got free and we felt truly relaxed.

No words to describe how good it felt to spend a night on the mountains – disconnected from the busy and chaotic life of 2020.

That is how we got the idea to share this experience with our guests!

So if you want you can take the opportunity and book an additional night on the mountain farm while staying at the Kramerwirt!


0 stars on the farm instead of 4 in the hotel

Simple life on the mountain, physical exercise, breathing in the fresh air in an environment without artificial information sources, no being-available 24h (we highly recommend turning the smartphoen off for a while!) – that is the idea of staying on our farm.

You can expect breathtaking views, fresh mountain air on 1800m, time to walk in the nature and recharge your energies.

The rythm of a mountain farm will help you rediscover a good nights sleep: in the morning there is a wake-up service by either the birds singing, or our cows (that sleep in the same building) leaving for the day. You can hike to nearby huts for lunch, and spend some quality time cooking together in the evenings. You can get fresh milk directly from our “Melcher” ( who is taking care of the cows). 

Take a break from your worries. Here you live, eat and drink simple, but you gain time for talks, playing games and get to know yourselves again. Try to shift down one gear and you will see, even after 2 days of “simple life” you will feel full of energy.  

Verfügbarkeiten & Preis auf Anfrage

Our "Baumgartenalm" Farm

Our farm is on the Penken above Finkenberg. In winter directly on the ski slopes, in summer in the heart of our green fields where you can find our cows.

On almost 2000m altitude you will find a panorama on the Zillertal Alps that you will never forget…

Even though you can find a lot of modern comfort up here (kitchen, bathroom with bathtub), this building still is a proper agricultural farm house meaning you can also find our cows and calves in the summer months.

A night up

  • Place for up to 4 people ( 1 room with 2 double beds)
  • breathtaking views from the window – sunset as the main evening event
  • Wake-Up Service from our cows inclusive (this is a real farm, no fancy chalet)
  • A variety of housemades meats and local specialites for a picknick
    • for the other meals there is a fully equipped kitchen available for you

Bookable on enquiry only, depending on availabilities, season & weather.

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