A house of history

We live & celebrate tradition

The Kramerwirt used to be a small convenience-store for the village. A so called “Kramer”. At around 1700 it gained the right to sell beer (important milestone for Austrians!) and soon became the classic inn next to the church. Over the centuries it grew organically into the known, modern hotel it is today, without ever loosing its traditional values. Still today, we are trying not to blindly follow traditions, but to actively live them and forge them for the future.

it's a family business

During the past decades the hotel was awarded more then once for playing an important role of modern yet traditional tourism in Tyrol. We have detailed chronicles of the house, starting from 1643 to today. It is available in German and English for our guests.

While sticking to our roots, we try to actively forge traditions for a better tomorrow, for example is our list of hosts now also listing the women, which was not the case so far.

“Tradition is not the ash of the past, but the ember for the fire of the future”