Our farm,
fishing & hunting grounds

Products and resources from our own lands

Our farmer Wolfgang is caring 24h for our ~ 40 cows and calfs, aswell as ~50 pigs at our farm.

In summer, our cows are up on our “Baumgartenalm” farm on Penken, and come back down before the first snow falls in October to our “Plattnerhof” farm in Hollenzen.

We are also taking care of ~ 35ha of fields on Penken and 12ha down in the valley. The hay we make is used to feed the cows in the winter months.

From the milk we are producing our own cream, butter, yoghurt and ice cream. Our butcher Stephan is also making sausages, meats, hams and more in our own butchery at Kramerwirt. We are proud to know the origin of all our products and don’t want to make any compromises regarding the quality of food.

Our fishing & hunting grounds

In the valley we have our own fishing ground at the Ziller, between Zell & Kaltenbach. In these mountain waters there are a variety of local fish, notably trouts.

In summer our guests can use these fishing grounds without any charge if they bring their own equipment. (only the obligatory 20€ registration fee for the state)

We are always happy to prepare you your self caught fish to your taste in our restaurant .

Above Zell, on the “Gerlosstein” mountain, we have our own hunting grounds, where one can find a lot of deers, marmots and all kind of game. On our menu you can often find some specialities from our own grounds. In summer we sometimes organise small hikes to our hunting hut, where lucky guests can often spot a few marmots.

In the long winter months we also provide our own hay to the animals, the two hunters Sepp & Walter take care of our grounds all year long.