Skitouring paradies Zillertal

Ski tours - enjoy winter in all of its glory

Alpinschule Schiestl, Mayrhofen

Awaiting tourers in the Zillertal are a variety of gorgeous routes. Vacationers who want to have an introduction to this trendy, fascinating sport can book a guided tour with certified mountain guide Matthias Schiestl at Alpinschule Schiestl.

Matthias is a world champion climber and skier. He will accompany you through high alpine terrain and take you to special places that only locals know about.

Ski tours in the Zillertal

Ski tours with Alpinschule Schiestl
Ski tours in the Zillertal
Ski tours in the Zillertal Alps

Important tips for tourers

tip 1 for ski touring

For inexperienced alpinists, it is always advisable to have a guide!

tip 2 for ski touring

The listed incline represents a general value and may be higher depending on your route selection.

tip 3 for ski touring

Inform yourself about avalanche alert levels and weather forecasts!

tip 4 for ski touring

Cell phones do not work in all areas! In case of emergency, alert mountain rescue by dialing no. 140. 

tip 5 for ski touring

Be aware of your physical capabilities. Especially in spring, it's important not to set out too late!

tip 6 for ski touring

Freeriders must show respect and understanding of nature.

tip 7 for ski touring

Proper, functioning safety equipment saves lives. An avalanche transceiver, shovel, avalanche probe, helmet, back protector, and maybe even an avalanche airbag are a MUST for freeriders!