Vacation in Mayrhofen

Leisure opportunities & activities

A piece of Tyrol and a piece of the world at the same time - this is Mayrhofen. The tradition of a Tyrolean village characterized by flower-adorned houses and the flair of a modern shopping zone with an international touch. Established accommodation providers, modern bars, sporty fashions, folk costumes, harp music, and disco sounds. Seeming contrasts that are harmoniously presented in Mayrhofen.

Recreation and fun are closely connected here. The enormous selection of sports, the family-friendliness, the diverse entertainment programs, and Zillertal hospitality all motivate guests to return to the Zillertal year after year.

Vacation in Mayrhofen - PURE recreation in the mountains!

Summer Recreation

PURE summer


Summer vacation in Mayrhofen - hiking, biking, and climbing in one of Tyrol's most beautiful landscapes...

Winter Recreation

Winter wonderland
in the Zillertal


A winter wonderland invites you to enjoy the great outdoors...

Experience genuine Tyrolean customs and culture, that are still practiced today. The silent processions of supplication or the beautiful, festive processions praying for protection from bad weather are accompanied by music and ceremonial militia. The mountain masses in magnificent natural scenery attract guests and locals in autumn.

Of course, a few traditions have been modified over the course of time and have acquired other significances. Today, the yearly driving down of the cattle from the mountain pastures is a colorful spectacle accompanied by thousands of spectators. However, this event still has a particular role: to celebrate the safe return of cows after a long summer in the pastures.

And if your vacation is just for relaxing and enjoying, local theater performances and numerous music festivals with popular Zillertal music groups provide plenty of entertainment.

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